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74 AD

Sausages Arrive in Britain

Sausages have been around for centuries; the ancient Greeks devoured them and they were also a standard feature on the menu of the Romans, who introduced them to Britain. Since then sausages have appeared regularly on breakfast, lunch and dinner menus in the UK throughout the ages.

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A Timeless Commitment to Succeed

Richard, Thomas Wall's father, opened a butchery in St. James' Market, London. It was the start of a success story that would continue through to the new millennium. He quickly earned an enviable reputation as a pork butcher and word of his superb quality cuts of meat and delicious pork sausages soon reached the Royal Household.

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1812 - 1834

By Royal Demand

Richard Wall received his first Royal Appointment as "Pork Butcher to the Prince of Wales" in 1812. By 1834, Wall's commitment to quality was already legendary - it was so popular that it was forced to move to larger, more prestigious premises at 113 Jermyn Street. The company continued to thrive under Thomas and later, his sons, Thomas Wall II and Frederick, who ran the business with such dedication that a series of Royal Appointments followed from King George III, Queen Victoria, King Edward VII, King George IV and King George V.

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The Wall's Name Spreads by Horse & Carriage

Thomas Wall's involvement in the business began in 1870. He was responsible for the expansion of the company nationwide and quality products was the central belief. By the early 20th century, demand for Thomas Wall & Sons products was such that Wall's opened its first factory in Battersea, London. Since then, driven by an ever-increasing demand for its products, the Wall's name has grown into a huge franchise, spanning not only meat products, but also other pastry and snack products, as well as frozen foods, manufactured in sites across the UK.

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Wall's move to Kerry Foods

In November 1994, Kerry Foods purchased the Wall's Sausage and Bacon business. Since then, Wall's sausages have continued to be a family favourite at teatime all over the UK.

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1996 - 2009

Innovation is our middle name...

In 2006, Wall's launched the first ever microwavable sausage - so we can all enjoy a perfect, tasty sausage sandwich in just 1 minute! Wall's continues to look at ways to bring tasty, fully loaded food to keep you fuelled up - launching Wall's Sausage Rolls and a range of great tasting Pastry slices in 2009, along with the Brit favourites pork pie and sausage rolls.

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